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Do you have a new room or workspace and like my style? Why not commission something from me? Commissions are perfect for the collector that already has something specific in mind.

I've been commissioned in the past to create illustrations for:

-books for major and independant publishers
-concept and pixel art art for independant game makers
-bronze sculptures for cities

Feel free to take a look at my resume on my "About" page.

When you contact me about a commission, I'll supply you with an estimate for the cost and provide sketches for paintings and additional maquettes (a miniature model) for sculptures. I welcome feedback, because I desire to make your commission as accurately as possible.

After I satisfy my clients with the plans, I collect one half of the estimate and create the commissioned artwork completely accurate to the sketches.

Once the commission is complete, I send photographs to my client to make sure everything is accurate. I collect the final half of my estmiate and then deliver the commission.

Bronze Sculptures
Prices vary with the price of raw materials and labor, but in general there's a 50/50 split in cost between the artist and the foundry. I will prove an accurate cost breakdown, negotiate the size of the project with your budget, and honor my estimates.

Illustrations (Full Color Paintings)
Small- 8 x 10" - $300
Medium - 16" x 20" - $600
Large - 22" x 30" - $1000
Custom Sizes can be requested

Pixel Art
$20 per hour
  For commission inquiries or questions reguarding existing works, please contact Sid Henderson directly at: sidhenart@gmail.com

For updates and news reguarding upcoming shows and works in progress, become a fan on Facebook at: facebook.com/TheArtofSidHenderson

For a blog showing works-in-progress, and sketches, visit: sidhenderson.tumblr.com

If you wish to support Sid Henderson's endeavors to become an artist, become a patron on: http://www.patreon.com/SidHenderson

Becoming a patron entitles you to special gifts and more concurrent updates.

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