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Artist's Bio

Sid Henderson is a surrealist artist working in multiple mediums, who draws much of his inspiration from science. His pieces have warm, earthy tones and images that are at once intricate, strange, and beautiful. Such sources as his parents, the psychologists, his brother, a physicist, entomologist friends, and his own botanical pursuits have greatly influenced many of his pieces, and through these pieces he expresses a poetic representation of science to his audience.

Having spent much of his early life honing of his talent, Sid graduated from University of California at Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art, his work divided fairly evenly between ceramic sculpture and printmaking. His dual interests bled together to create highly detailed three-dimensional pieces as well as very sculptural etchings.

In 2012, after completing a life-sized memorial to the late country blues songster Mance Lipscomb, which is now displayed in a park in his Texas hometown dedicated to his memory, Sid began to create a series of etchings and paintings inspired by past and present scientific concepts such as convergent evolution, metamorphoses and quantum physics.

After coming to Tucson, Sid was commissioned to design and paint a mural for the University of Arizona’s Poetry Center. The result was a functional piece which allowed young poets to write and draw on a surreal rendition of the Sonoran Desert. At the same time, he began work on a collection of etchings that express appreciation for the bizarrely beautiful diversity of nature.

In 2014 Sid was engaged by the City of Wylie, Texas to create a monument in honor of the great men and women serving in the community's Fire Rescue and Police Departments. The monument was completed and dedicated on September 11th, 2015.

Sid currently teaches figurative sculpture at The Romero House studio in downtown Tucson while continuing to create artwork for galleries and commissions.

Education B.A. Art Studio
University of California, Davis
Emphasis in Ceramics and Intaglio

Love Your Mother Earth, Juried Exibition, The Drawing Studio,
Tucson, AZ
April 2014
Beauty of the Beast, Juried Exhibition, The Drawing Studio,
Tucson, AZ
January 2014
Heroes of Wylie, installed at the Public Safety Complex, Wylie, Texas2014-15

Sonoran Poetry, installed at the Poetry Center
University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

Mance Lipscomb, installed in Mance Lipscomb Park
Navasota, Texas


The Oxford Handbook of Computational and Mathematical Psychology, A textbook published by Oxford University Press
ISSN#: 978-0-19-995799-6

Decision, A Quarterly Journal published by the American Psychological Association ISSN#: 2325-9965 2013

The Youngest Dream Eater, written by Sarah Kortenmeier
28 illustrations and a cover image for a children's story book.

Teaching Experience Figurative Ceramic Sculpture
The Romero House, Downtown Tucson, AZ
Intaglio and Etching
Laney College, Oakland, CA

Ceramics and Lab Tech
Chabot Junior College, Hayward, CA

Intaglio, Lithograph, and Woodblock Lab
University of California, Davis

Navigating the Art Marketplace
Chirstie Olsen

ęSid Henderson 2014